Welcome to my website.
Take time to browse the Galleries which are a collection of my favorite photographic images. I enjoy trying to use my photography to capture the moment, be it nature, animals, birds, seasons or travels. I also enjoy recording subjects before they disappear from the landscape.

I bought my first 35mm camera in 1982. In the spring of 2004 I switched to digital which also includes doing my own prints. I have also switched from Pentax to all Canon equipment.

I have won many achievement awards from the North Central Camera Club Council (11 states) including Photographer of the year 2003, 2008, 2009. I have received numerous Gold, Sliver and Bronze awards. I also have received awards at the Iowa State Fair. I have images featured in books, magazines, calendars and also commissioned works, the front cover for the Plantpeddler 2012 catalog. The Iowa Bankers Association used my photos in their 2012, 2013 &2014 Scenes of Iowa Calendar. The 2009
to2014 Hills Bank Calendar are my photos. I organized the barns for the 2012 Iowa barn Foundation June barn tour. Also barn photos in the Iowa Barn Foundation magazine.
I have published photos in the 2014 February/March "Our Iowa" magazine & the 2014 "Iowa Travel" magazine.
  • Ely's 1893 Stone Arch Bridge

    Located Stone Bridge Rd, Monticello, IA

  • Humpback Covered Bridge is Virginia's oldest standing covered bridge. The 100 ft. long, single span structure is four feet higher at the center than it is at either end. Built in 1857 and was in use until 1929. It was used by a nearby farmer to store hay until 1954. in 1954 it was restored and preserved where it stand today. (west of Covington, Virginia)

  • Sleichter Barn; One of the oldest (1880) in Johnson County. This barn is a classic Pennsylvania style bank barn with posted bays opposite the ramp to the secound floor. Lumber used in building the barn was barged down the Mississippi River to a sawmill in Muscatine.It was hauled 30 miles from Muscatine to the barn site by wagons pulled with horses.The original brown sandstone foundation was probably quarried locally. The barn is now used for hay storage.